Regular Baptist Youth, Kids and Students

In a culture where parents do not schedule afternoon activities for their children, the children are open to any scheduled activity. Afternoon Children’s Bible Study are a key to reaching the next generation for Christ.

Regular Baptist Youth (RBY) was developed by Baptist Mid-Missions to disciple our youth through; aggressive Scripture memory, discipleship, and good Christian fellowship.

Hanging out at RBY

Recently Regular Baptist Student (RBS) has been started in the Lawra district as a pilot project to allow boarding students to form an association on campus, which will allow them to continue to participate in the RBY program and support them with good Christian fellowship as they complete high school.

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Regular Baptist Kids (RBK) is a program for primary students that incorporate games, Bible Study, quizzes, Scripture memory into an award system that encourages them to develop a life time habit of church attendance.

Charity working in RBK

The Ghanaian school year is a trimester system. Each rank has three levels, which are meant to fit with the trimester system. An eager student is able to complete more than the three levels in one year. Each level upon completion is given a prize. Karis listening to RBY verses in Jinijini