BMM Ministry in Berekum

The Berekum ministry is church planting. The Dan Mapes family have lived in Berekum since February 1994. They have one church that is very solid in Berekum proper and a mission work of the Berekum church in a village of Jinijini about 4 miles outside of Berekum. Dan is senior pastor and has three Ghanaians working along side of him as pastor. There is Pastor Seth, a national, who joined us on the initial survey trip into Berekum and joined us in this mission work upon graduation from Baptist Bible Institute in Wa in 1996. Pastor Eric is a young man who was saved under this ministry and has completed Bible School. He works with the children’s ministry and is a key man in the Jinijini ministry. He teaches Sunday School there and every other Wednesday night. Pastor Steven has just finished Bible School and he works with the youth. He is active in two of the Bible Studies as well as doing campus evangelism on the many high school campus’ we have in Berekum. None of the men are supported full time by the church, but also work part time for Pastor Seth in his printing company. It does desktop publishing.

New attached image Along with the regular preaching/teaching phase of any church that happens on Sundays and Wednesdays. We are reaching out to the community in these ways.

Three children’s Bible clubs that meet in various parts of the Berekum District. The average weekly attendance is 150 plus students at the three Bible Clubs.

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The church in Berekum has a very active youth group that has young people from 13 to 40 in attendance. To the American mind that may seem strange, but here, it is fine.

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The ladies have a women’s fellowship and a special Sunday school class called Women of Faith.

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The men are welcome to join the Scholars class that meet weekly and they have various special topics of study.

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Music lessons are being given to teach individuals how to play various instruments including the piano to the trumpet and trombone for the Lord.

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Current needs

Campus ministries,

New churches started in the surrounding district capitols of Western Brong-Ahafo.

Workers for Children’s ministries