BMM Ministry in Lawra

Roger and Norene Russ came to Ghana in 1973 to live in Lawra on the boarder of Ghana and Burkina-Faso among the Dagaare people. New attached image

Their primary ministry has been to translate the Scriptures into Dagaare. They are in the process of formatting the New Testament for publication and are setting up a new committee of translators to begin the translation of the Dagaare Old Testament. -

Besides their ministry in translating Roger works to help strengthen the various village ministries that are in their area. He is working with basically four other pastors.

New attached image Norene with some of the Children

New attached image

Norene is active with various ministries for the children, youth and women of Lawra.

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Roger has been working to establish a high school level campus ministry known as RBS (Regular Baptist Student). See a further explanation of the RBS ministry under Children and Youth Ministries.

One huge breakthrough that they have had there in Lawra was when the Muslim Elders came to thier Vacation Bible School and after a week of observation have allowed thier children to offically be allowed to attend not only VBS, but also the Awana and RBY programs by the church, but they are not allowed to attend the church services. They have seen a number of the Muslim young folks come to know Christ as thier personal Savior!